About us


IT Specialist | Network Administrator | Web Master Freelancer
CCNA at CISCO System Academy

Lux Design seeks to create and promote beautiful brand collateral, expertly optimized websites and well-crafted marketing messages as a means to push the boundaries of internet marketing, and to help companies, corporations and government agencies be more successful.

  • Top quality products: ShowCases / eCommerce
  • Best customer service (Online Support)
  • 15 or 30 days Fully Backup
  • Domain and Hosting (1st year paid)
  • 15 or 30 days Remote Desktop


Our Mission:

It’s our mission to deliver ethical, high-quality services while simultaneously working on creating meaningful relationships with our clients, partners, each other and those in the community around us.

Our Vision:

We understand that customers need a digital marketing strategy that produces results. We believe that attracting qualified leads through transformative website improvements and strategic marketing is the best way to grow a brand.

We work hard to deliver to our Clients honest services and effective strategies.


“LUXDesign has proven to be a responsive and innovative helping to designing our web site:
His experience, clarity of vision has turned our concept into a website which is simple to understand and is easy to use.

Peter Timms, CEO and Founder of LLS-LTD.co.uk